Image consultants are in the business of developing human potential, yours and the clients. Beyond the initial growth phase, the potential for personal growth and professional development is limitless. Career advancement increases exponentially with continuous learning, business experience and consistent action.

We recommend that you start thinking about the target clientele that you want to help in terms of image consulting services. Consider how to add value by drawing from your life and work experiences. For example, a person with a passion for helping single individuals find a life partner might choose “singles” as their target clients. Such a person could start by offering one-on-one image consultations and coaching sessions that grow into group workshops and speaking engagements on appearance, grooming and interpersonal skills including communication and body language for singles.

Continuing education is essential for career advancement and success as an image consultant. AICI offers professional certification standards with three levels that recognise the experience and expertise of image consultants. Click here for more information on AICI certification.