Design and Facilitate Training Train-the-Trainer course 7 Design and Facilitate Impactful Training AIM Masterclass with Dr Parveen

This masterclass is for all subject matter experts, trainers and image consultants who want to be top-notch seminar facilitators.

Are you struggling with any of these trainers’ challenges?

  • Capturing key client issues and training needs at meetings
  • Crafting learning outcomes
  • Packing too much or too little content into your training
  • Labouring over your PowerPoint slides
  • Keeping learners engaged
  • Receiving average evaluations
  • Not getting repeat clients despite giving your best training!

This Masterclass taps on cutting edge neuroscience and human-centred learning that promises to:

  • Equip you with the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes every trainer needs to be top-notch
  • Provide frameworks, easy-to-follow techniques, and templates to help you design and facilitate effective seminars, workshops, and presentations of any duration and group size
  • Maximise your learning with pre-masterclass preparation and post-masterclass personal coaching. You will be ready to train with a well-designed training plan by the end of this masterclass program.

Bring in your training topic and walk away with practical design and facilitation skills plus powerful mindset shifts to turn your workshops and seminars into wow experiences for your participants.

Masterclass Trainer: Dr Parveen, PhD, CWLS, DACE

Parveen is one of 12 appointed ‘Adult Educator Mentors in Singapore and the joint winner of the prestigious FLAME AWARD (2017), an initiative by iN.Lab (SkillsFuture Singapore) to drive learning innovation nationwide.

Course delivery: This master class is intense and content-rich with exciting hands-on exercises, supported facilitation and practice, individual introspection.

Watch, learn and apply new insights at this AIM Masterclass on how Dr Parveen walks the talk, modelling the use of an effective and human-centred learning design and impactful facilitation that you will master with practice.

Course fee includes a pre-Masterclass webinar, a user-friendly workbook, sample proposal templates, post-course coaching and a certificate from the Academy of Image Mastery (Singapore).

21st – 24th July 2020
(plus pre and post masterclass webinars to help you contextualise learning for maximum value to your training)

100 Pasir Panjang Road #07-04, Singapore 118518

9:00am to 5:30pm daily
(plus 2 x 60 minute webinars)

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Testimonial from Training Business Director Michael Choy

Dr Parveen epitomises excellence and passion. Her dedication to her craft as an adult educator coupled with her focus on the learners establishes her facilitation as one of the best in the nation. She transforms boring training into valuable life lessons that people can savour and review. She is simply amazing – facilitator, learning designer and developer, all rolled into one.

Dr Michael Choy, Director of Dioworks Leanings

This is easily among the best courses I’ve attended. New insights I learnt will forever have a huge impact on how I plan and deliver future workshops. I encourage trainers, educators, public speakers and anyone who needs to present information on a regular basis not to miss this exceptional AIM masterclass.

Amanda See Toh, Senior Image Consultant
Testimonial from Image Consultant Brian Lipstien

The structure and the neuroscience-based research behind why it works was powerful! This Masterclass gave me the tools I was missing to know how to design training and transfer all of my knowledge effectively as a menswear bespoke business owner advising my high-end clients and as an educator in my subject expertise. Dr Parveen was magnificent! This Masterclass was well worth my long flight from Philadelphia to Singapore. I would highly recommend this course to image consultants in my industry.

Mr Brian Lipstein, AICI CIP, CEO and Founder of Henry A. Davidson

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The AIM experience offers you world-class image education. Unlike many courses, you can expect an enriching inside-out transformation that supports you for professional development that enhances your unique and full potential.

Finding the course that is right for you is like finding the right piece to complete a puzzle. We know how this feels. At AIM, we’re here to help you find the course that’s right for you or point you to other resources that would help in your search.

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