Project Description

Client Colour Wallet

A total of 12 seasonal colour wallets are available for your clients. Each colour wallet corresponds to each of the Seasonal Flow Master Boards. This colour wallet assures your client that at the end of a consultation, they will get to walk home with the same quality fabric colour swatches recommended by you!

This AIM ColourSmart™ Client Colour Wallet applies design thinking to make it easy for consultants to use a logical system for advising clients on how to organise colours in their wardrobe. This will help your clients personalise their optimal colours as they progressively shop and build these colours into their wardrobe. Clients will tell you that their ColourSmart™ Client Colour Wallet serves as an excellent client shopping guide, which also reminds them of your fantastic colour recommendations!

The elegant mock leather black ColourSmart™ wallet with stainless steel rivet includes:6 clear plastic sleeves that fan-out for easy colour reference. Each Client Colour Wallet includes:

+ A spectrum of 36 quality fabric swatches

+ Practical client instructions on 4 tip sheets for dressing with colours.

Consultants* may wish to add 2 extra colour sleeves for clients who need semi-customised client colour recommendations. (* Only available to experienced seasonal colour consultants.)


Imagine presenting clients with a colour wallet that bears your branding! Possible as an extra feature we designed with you, the colour consultant, in mind!

Send us your logo with contact information, and for a one-time production fee, we will customise all your ColourSmart™ current and future client colour wallet orders with your brand logo! How cool is that!

Image Consulting Tools Kits - ColourSmart wallet 4