Project Description

Priscilla Chan

Managing Partner & Training Director
AIM (Greater China)

“I’m honoured to be the Training Director for the Academy of Image Mastery (Greater China)’s Hong Kong centre! We are here to provide the highest standards of international image education to prepare image consultants to meet the growing demand in personal image and corporate branding in Asia. I believe every image consultant has unique talents and I’m passionate to develop their fullest potential!”

Priscilla constantly seeks to expand her clients’ and students’ spheres of influence by building on their newly acquired knowledge and skills as a tool for personal and professional transformation. She is a compassionate, creative and visionary image and etiquette educator and certified coach.

Since establishing P.C. Image Consulting in August 2003 in Hong Kong, Priscilla has garnered excellent feedback as a talented trainer with a friendly, passionate and motivational delivery style. Over the past decade, Priscilla has worked with top international and regional brands, including Chanel, AXA China Region Insurance and Wing Hang Bank. Being fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, she successfully clinched and retained the Chanel training project from 2010 to 2015 to groom and equip their entire sales force in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan.

Priscilla is an AICI (the Association of Image Consultants International) Certified Image Master. From 2008 to 2010, she served as President of AICI Hong Kong Chapter. In 2012, she was reappointed as President and has actively supported the growth of image consultants as its longest serving President. Her greatest achievement was the successful organisation of the first AICI Asia Conference in HK in 2016. The conference brought 150 image consultants from China and across Asia together for an unforgettable session of education, networking and celebration. She is a visionary leader with strong problem solving skills.

In 2015, Priscilla Chan was appointed by Christina Ong, founder of the Academy of Image Mastery, as AIM’s first regional Managing Partner and Training Director. AIM (Greater China) was established to provide Mandarin medium AICI CEU image and etiquette courses facilitated by Priscilla in Hong Kong and China. AIM (Greater China) students love the passion that Priscilla pours into training and mentoring them to become the best image consultants in our industry.

Senior AIM Image Consultant Priscilla Chan