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Testimonial from Image Expert and Business Owner Rupeksha Jain

Rupeksha Jain

Co-founder of Perrsona Finishing Academy

“I am fortunate to be groomed in such a loving and caring atmosphere at AIM where you are cared and learn to take care of your client too… My confidence level has increased tremendously… Being certified from one of the leading Institutes was in itself empowerment and high achievement. ”

Overcoming the setbacks of an accident to pursue your dreams is one of the entrepreneurial qualities that image consultants like Rupeksha are bringing to the world of business.    

Rupeksha’s story reflects her sense of adventure and a dose of determination. From an early age, Rupeksha dreamt of being her own boss. With a knack of making friends and acquaintances across various industries; Rupeksha’s personality attracts people and opportunities for her business ventures. She displays traits such as energy, insatiable curiosity and a willingness to take chances. 

Rupeksha Jain’s entrepreneurial spirit led her through many business ventures. Her company, Perrsona Finishing Academy (PFA), has amassed an incredible client list which includes students, actors, entrepreneurs, MNCs and NGOs. PFA offers workshops ranging from public speaking, team building to sales training and image consulting. Rupeksha’s dynamic personality also enabled her to apply her professional image training to the multiple roles as a director in SGAI Gems & Jewellery Company where she is an events curator, clothing designer and wedding planner. 

Rupeksha strongly believes that confidence and courage are two key change catalysts. She derives tremendous joy by sharing practical strategies with clients to bring their self-confidence to a whole new level. Her idea of training is to make the process of learning experiential, entertaining and motivational, and clients love her sessions. 

Rarely do people realise that this young lady has a wealth of academic credentials that include a Masters in Communication & Journalism and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. She is a certified gemologist and has been working in her family business for years, and obtained her image consulting certification from the Academy of Image Mastery in Singapore.

As a co-founder of Perrsona Finishing Academy, I continuously strive to bring quality training to clients in the personality development space such as soft skills, public speaking, corporate image. Despite having a team of experienced and professional coaches, we are still unable to cope with the surging market demand for our services. I am also driven by business considerations to learn more about image consulting. India, with a population of 1.3 billion people, remains an untapped market for image consultants. I foresee huge business potential in the coming years.

In 2016, I left the business scene after an accident. At the same time, my partners had also gone their separate ways to pursue their endeavours. When I regained my health in 2018, I decided to re-enter the image consulting business. 

The next step was to select the right image training school. AIM met my list of criteria which included impressive industry reputation and rigorous training programmes. Most importantly, AIM acts as a reliable partner, and I can count upon it for guidance as I make progress in my business.

I hold 2 degrees – Masters in Communications & Journalism and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. I am also a Certified Gemologist. Currently, I run Perrsona Finishing Academy as a grooming expert and life coach. At the same time, I am actively involved in my family business.  

Indeed, there were plenty of options out there in the market. 

Eventually, I narrowed down to AIM for several reasons. First, I was looking for an institution outside India but still within Asia. Since it is near home, I felt assured that the training programme would be relevant to the market segment that I am targeting. Next is the quality of training which matters a lot to me. The most attractive value proposition is Christina Ong, who is the driving force behind AIM. From our interactions, she comes across as talented, organised and highly experienced. 

Her credentials assured me that I will be in safe hands and that my investment will bear fruits. 

It was a timely reminder of handling clients with greater sensitivity. Every client has unique needs and responds differently to their situation. 

The course taught me the importance of making customers feel worthy, supported and heard. I am fortunate to be groomed in such a loving and caring atmosphere at AIM where you are cared and learn to take care of your client too. 

At AIM, none of my questions or queries went unattended. I felt an amazing bond with AIM.

I took a year to consolidate my position. However, I diligently completed the assignments and was probably the first one to do so among my batch. I took the opportunity to perfect my pitch. With encouragement from friends and family members, I eventually held a seminar to a group of audience.  

The outcome was incredibly satisfying as I received raving reviews. I felt connected with my audience once again.

The course has added so much value to both my personal and professional life. My confidence level has increased tremendously. I can now conduct training to a crowd of several hundred participants with enthusiasm and pride. Being certified from one of the leading Institutes was in itself empowerment and high achievement. 

Looking back, I am glad to have picked AIM for image training. It was one of the wisest decisions in my life. I enjoyed every moment of experiencing training approaches that are humanly driven and not mechanical. There was logic and not just directions. 

Definitely yes. My recommendation would be based purely on my personal experience with AIM; and all the positive outcomes from my training, including regaining my confidence and restarting my business ventures.

I would have told myself to get out of the comfort zone and face the world, trust my guts and take a leap of faith. It would also help if I had prepared for the worst.

Just be willing to go the extra mile. Over the years, I have built a sizeable network throughout India. There are immense opportunities out there. Let’s see where this takes me. 

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