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Whether you are a new or seasoned image consultant,
taking a course at the Academy of Image Mastery puts you
on track to international certification.
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AIM aligns certification courses with AICI’s Core Competencies

From the first day, we opened our doors to train image consultants, we made sure that course learning outcomes align with AICI core competencies.

We do this by ensuring that every single course* is rigorously designed and internationally approved by AICI for Continuing Education Units. We do this to help AIM graduates attain international certification with AICI in record time if they so choose to advance their professional development.

Here are three AICI Core Competencies that AIM trains you to become a world-class image consultant:

Technical Knowledge

The social, physical and artistic aspects of image and visual design in terms of apparel.

Professional Development

The application of technical knowledge to provide and market image consulting programmes, services and products to potential clients.

Business Management

Organising and managing resources that support the operations of an image consulting business including a professional code of ethics.

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Finding the course that is right for you is like finding the right piece to complete a puzzle. That’s why we offer one-on-one calls to understand what you hope to achieve and walk you through the core competencies for professional image consulting to help you find the right course.

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Training Is Not Only Necessary For Your Success. It Is Essential.

We are committed to making sure that you have the right knowledge, skills, resources, as well as the mindset for success to be a world-class image consultant. We equip you to work confidently with your clients, from one-on-one consultations and group training seminars to large audience presentations.

Look through our courses and contact us with questions. You are be assured of a personal response as we want to ensure that your specific needs match the right course. If we don’t currently offer a course that fits your needs, we’ll be happy to tap into our global network of resources to assist you.

Foundational Programme

Master the basics right from the start. A solid foundation of knowledge and best industry practices make all the difference between average and the top world-class players in any field.

AIM’s foundational courses build the solid foundation that you will need to take you further and faster as a successful world-class image professional.

Next Level Courses

Continuing education expands professional knowledge and sharpens skillsets. Invest in AIM’s next level courses when you want to deliver more value to your current and new clients, increase revenue and grow your business to the next level.

AIM Masterclass™ Courses

AIM Masterclass™ courses deepen image management knowledge, skills and ideas by exposing you to international thought leaders in specialised image consulting and related fields.

AIM Masterclasses are for new and seasoned trainers, coaches and image consultants seeking professional development for business growth and brand positioning as top world-class image management professionals.

Invest In The Best Pathway To International AICI Certification

The AIM experience offers you world-class image education.

Whether you are a new or seasoned image consultant, taking a course at the Academy of Image Mastery puts you on track to international certification with the world’s most recognised professional certification institute – the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

ImageAsia programme is the only image consulting course in the world to offer an East-meets-West perspective to be the best practices of top global image consultants. Unlike many courses, you can expect an enriching inside-out transformation that supports you for professional development that enhances your unique and full potential.

Beyond mastering best industry practices, it opens the door to an empowering community – from passionate faculty trainers with industry experience to a support Team@AIM and the rich and diverse cultures of course mates from all over the world for peer learning and more.

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