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The extraordinary Carla Mathis, AICI CIM, co-author of the Triumph of Individual Style and one of only 21 Certified Image Masters in the world, is a respected alliance partner of the Academy of Image Mastery in Singapore. Read more -> CM’s profile page about Carla’s impressive profile. Email us for the next course dates if not listed.

Graduates of AIM Masterclass with Carla Mathis qualify to order The Style Core’s resource tools online at special prices exclusive to graduates. You may choose to attend one or more of the following three AIM Masterclasses with Carla Mathis

Identity Masterclass (1-day course 0.7 AICI CEUs)

Every person has a unique personality that is like energy and presence, which is not seen but felt. This masterclass is for image consultants, personal stylists, hair and makeup artists who love working with people through a holistic approach. It will give you the creative inspiration and client consulting techniques to create an amazing life-transforming inside-out makeovers for your client.

Discover a revolutionary process for creating an authentic image – getting to the core of your client’s identity and personality. You will get the rare opportunity to observe a live client consultation where Carla will show how you, too, will be able to apply tried and tested client consulting processes using symbols, images and reflective questions.

Carla will guide you in practising the Language of Affirmation to show clients how to see themselves as works of art. Master the Four Foundational Discoveries that create a pathway to authentic personal style, and tools for communicating this with clients. This course, delivered through mini-lectures, demonstrations and group interaction, is highly recommended before attending the next two courses.

Course fee includes a guidebook and rights to online purchase and use of The Style Core Stylist materials at a special price.

Essentials for Styling Men (1-day course 0.7 AICI CEUs)

This course is for an image consultant, stylist or men’s custom tailor interested in equipping yourself with effective styling techniques that Carla has perfected to enable you to tap into a fast-growing consumer market for men’s styling and grooming.

Learn how to identify the 12 Personality Styles for men; the psychology of men’s style, nonverbal communication and how to communicate effectively with male clients; the four levels of men’s professional style and how to advise men on dressing for career, business and leisure.

Through mini-lectures, demonstrations and group interaction, you will go beyond body analysis to identify distinctive features and how to advise men on dressing to enhance their physique and facial characteristics. Identify critical points of good fit and how to teach good grooming to men.

Course fee includes a guidebook and rights to online purchase and use of The Style Core Stylist materials at a special price.

The Style Transformation Masterclass (1-day course 0.7 AICI CEUs)

This course is for image consultants, stylists, apparel retailers, custom and label boutique owners interested in enhancing value-added personalised styling services to your clients.

Master the Art of Visual Impression through Carla’s tips and techniques on how to apply design elements of line, shape, proportion, scale, texture to enhance or camouflage distinctive body and facial features. Beyond this, learn Carla’s secrets on how to communicate effectively in guiding clients to reshape negative body concerns into positive clothing style choices.

Understand and master the two most important elements in the art of personal style: perfect fit and proportion through live demonstrations that cannot be learnt from any books.

Through mini-lectures, demonstrations and group interaction, you will learn techniques to dress all body types and create finished practical looks. Whether you’re an image professional or want to improve your image, you will gain huge inspiration and personal style insights.

Course fee includes a guidebook and rights to online purchase and use of The Style Core Stylist materials at a special price.

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Carla is such a God given artist. Her ability to share her talent of seeing each person as a masterpiece is amazing.

Cybelle Denise C. Rebutica, Philippines
Testimonial from Image Consultant Lily Koh

Learning from Carla was an inspirational experience at the recent Identity Masterclass organised by AIM. It’s been close to eight years since I was last trained by the master but she is more energetic and beautiful than ever. The training presented a new dimension for me in providing client consultation with my clients. Having the opportunity to observe Carla conduct a client consultation in class was an eye opener. She was sensitive, discerning yet maintained professionalism. She sets a standard for image professionals to provide a breakthrough experience with all clients.

Lily Koh, AICI CIP, Singapore

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