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Hello, I’m Christina

AIM Founder & Asia’s First AICI Certified Image Master

If you find yourself on this page, it probably means that you are thinking about making a potentially life-changing decision – a decision to invest in yourself and embark on a fulfilling career as an image consultant.

Not many who know me today would realise that in my early teens, I struggled with self-confidence. Despite loving parents, I grew up in a competitive school environment, and my self-esteem skidded down a slippery slope. No matter how hard I tried, it seemed impossible to feel smart or pretty. It took me a decade to realise that confidence begins the moment we accept our authenticity. This inside-out discovery of my strengths and learning how to express myself and my style have liberated me to experience new possibilities for living my life with confidence.

As such, I’m deeply passionate about empowering people to develop their fullest potential. Everyone has it in them to make this remarkable transformation. I absolutely believe this. Guided by our mission at the Academy of Image Mastery and together with a dedicated faculty, we get immense joy satisfaction from seeing how our training contributes to a person’s professional development and the fulfilment of purpose-driven lives.

If you are looking for a top image consulting course, you’ve come to the right place. Let me guide you in your pursuit to be a confident world-class professional image consultant.

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The AIM Difference

Do you usually look for reviews and rankings when you are choosing between different image consulting courses? Successful AIM graduates will tell you that what we offer goes way beyond. AIM’s image consulting courses will give you gain a 5-year headstart in your vision to be a world-class image professional from AIM’s image consulting courses.

Image Consulting Course - Start with You

We Start With You

Our students come from all walks of life, often with no prior experience. We help discover your unique talents, tap on your expertise and explore potential opportunities.

Our courses offer a  transformational image experience, enriched by passionate image trainers  who inspire confidence, equip know-how and empower you with the best practices to become world class image consultants.

Image Consulting Course - Best International Practices

We Equip You With International Best Practices

The AIM advantage is a unique East-meets-West training that will provide you with the industry’s best practices to be a world-class image consultant.

Our educational image consulting curriculum is aligned with international certification standards* taught by certified experts with over 60 years of combined experience, giving you a quantum leap into the image consulting industry.

Image Consulting Course - Support You

We Support You 100%

AIM ensures that you are supported all the way. With our passion for style, our desire to transform lives and our expert know-how, we will groom you to be a successful image consultant.

Beyond the classroom, you can tap on peer support and study groups across borders, call on faculty mentors and step up to leadership opportunities that will flex your growth muscles for success.

*AICI CEU approved courses put you on the pathway to international certification with AICI ( while IITTI’s standards and guidelines ( ensure credible client consulting and training content that is aligned with international standards for image and etiquette.

What Graduates Say

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our graduates have to say!

AIM is honoured to have trained a diverse and growing community of extraordinary image consultants, each making a difference in their communities across the Asia Pacific. Read their incredible stories.

The AIM course was the first step in an amazing process of self-transformation. It ignited a passion within me that has made me think beyond myself and has made me extremely motivated to work for what I believe in and excited for where my adventure will lead. I have learned so much about the importance of a well-developed brand, marketing and positive relationships in business.

Image Consultant Testimonial Jazzmine
I used to be insecure but after completing the programme, I feel empowered and ready to achieve my goals. I know what I want in life and I have faith. And I feel assured and supported by my mentor and fellow graduates who are always there for me.
Image Consultant Testimonial Cindy Tien

During our first meeting, Christina was patient and nurturing. She took the time to make me feel comfortable and to understand my goals. I only wanted to be trained by the best and to me, there was no other I’ve met like her.

Image Consultant Testimonial Toni

The ImageAsia program impacted me so much that I went through my transformation inside out! My perception of beauty and style completely changed. It has moved me to enjoy being me and developed a burning desire in me to inspire people to live meaningfully and purposefully.

My two mentors, Christina Ong and Lynne Marks helped me see my purpose through this new profession. They both have mentored me every step of the way. Since I graduated two years ago, I have not stopped building my image consulting business called Radiance Image Consultancy. We are now a corporate professional development firm that works with an impressive clientele base from both private corporations and government agencies. Thank you ImageASIA for this life-changing experience.

Image Consultant Testimonial Stella

After completing the course, I now know what I can do and how I can give back to society. It has given me a purposeful new vision and the confidence to start a new career.

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