Project Description

Colour Dimension Drapes

The custom-made water-resistant clutch carrier includes:

+ Temperature drapes 10 pieces

+ Intensity drapes 16 pieces

+ Contrast drapes 6 pieces

+ Silver & gold drapes 2 pieces

+ AIM Spot-On™ Value Gauge

+ White cape 1 piece

+ Care instructions 1 piece

The AIM ColourSmart™ Drapes are uniquely designed as a professional-use tool to support you in providing colour analysis for an individual as well as for larger group demonstrations. Specially tagged and organised with a handy ring that allows easy cross draping comparisons. Your clients will be impressed with the elegant and systematic approach with which you’d deliver client consultations. Clients will instantly get to observe the visible difference that colour makes on them when consultants use the AIM ColourSmar™ Drapes!

Image Consulting Tools Kits - ColourSmart Testing Drapes