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Testimonial from Image Consultant Abigail

Abigail Cheong Wei Ling

Personal Image Brand Expert/ Certified Image Consultant

“I wanted to start my own image company in Singapore, but I did not have the proper support system until I went online and found out about AIM. They helped me and my future has now changed.”

Abigail Cheong is the founder of Image Symphony Pte Ltd. She is a Certified Image Consultant (CIC)  and Etiquette Consultant as an Associate Member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She serves on the organisation’s board of directors in Singapore.

Abigail is trained professionally and is accredited by SWET, Academy of Image Mastery, International Image Institute, The Style Core Institute and London Image Institute; these are top Certified Image Masters in the world.

“The End of Education is Good Character!” That is the belief held strongly by Abigail Cheong, as she wants to make others beautiful inside out.

Abigail trains in Image & Professional Development in Appearance, Behaviour & Communication Skills.

She holds a Diploma in E.H.V – Excellence in Human Value-base Education, and has been guiding children and young adults in building their characters for the past ten years, an exceptionally effective combination in bringing out the inner beauty in others.

She has attained certification as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (MNLP) and is also certified by the WSQ as an adult educator (ACTA).

Trained professionally as a make-up artist, certified by WAPMA UK (World Academy Professional Make-up Artist), Abigail has more then nine skilled years’ experience in helping others look fabulous. She is professionally trained in the delicate art of modelling, giving her the hands-on experience in poise and posture.

Abigail is a Certified Professional Ballroom and Latin dancer, Associate of N.A.T.D (National Association of Teacher’s Dancing) and has represented the country in the World Dance Sport Championships. Being a professional dancer for all the different styles has served her well in developing her grooming skills for any occasions.

Abigail specialises in working with businesses and individuals to address the image management issues that affect their success. Her reputation as a popular and informative trainer keeps her in demand with corporations and educational institutions of all levels and ages with her professional integrity, warm, engaging style and sense of humour.

I benefited from the quality of the training. I desperately  wanted to start my own image company in Singapore, but I did not have the support system. Finally, I went online and found the perfect training company that would help me, and my future change from then on.

The course was filled with many a-ha moments. It is simply because my master trainer Christina Ong is extremely detailed, passionate and inspirational!

I reached heights that I never thought I could. It has benefited me emotionally, spiritually and physically as a person and professionally, I could achieve my goals for my client that I always wanted. 

I created my own brand. I also created my business website and I helped my first client and hosted my first seminar.

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