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Testimonial from Image Cosultant and Coach Aries profile

Areeya Mahaworamakorn (Aries)

ICF Certified Executive Coach

On first meeting Aries, her gracious and gentle demeanor manner will put anyone at ease. As an experienced coach who is passionate about bringing out the best in people, her clients will tell you that her dedication is as strong as steel. Aries confesses that sales and marketing are not her forte. Yet, through word-of-mouth referrals, her successful coaching business lead her in search for more that she wanted to offer in helping her clients develop their full potential.

Arie’s story demonstrates the power of passion and purpose. Her approach to personal branding adopts an inside-out process where she guides her clients through a combination of coaching, mentoring and image consulting services. Her vision is to help people to live life full of possibilities and to take inspired action in achieving their goals, on their own terms.

Young entrepreneurs and corporate executives trust her recommendations to customizing services that meet their development needs. Through one-on-one consultation services, mentoring programs and group coaching workshops for companies and individual clients, Aries delivers transformational change. Her best rated topics include leadership and communication skills as well as dressing with your best personal colours.

Aries is herself, a firm advocate of continuous education. Her post-grad qualifications include on-going certification training in focused areas of expertise, such as the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), certification in Deep Transformational Coaching from the Center for Transformational Coaching. She is a certified Style Coach™ and furthered her image consultants training at the Academy of Image Consulting with AICI CEU approved certification competencies in advance personal colour analysis, personal styling, wardrobe and menswear consultations.

On completing her advance colour training at AIM, Aries’s confidence and vision soared to new heights of possibilities. With great excitement, Aries is expanding her coaching services to offer image consulting skills to help her clients transform their personal branding for career and business success.

A dear friend encouraged me to get trained in image consulting so that I could better support corporate executives in their career. As an executive of many years, I have often thought how great it would be if I could be even more effective in helping executives to look more professional and feel more confident. It would be great to help them with their personal image for job promotion and career advancement. This was my starting point. It inspired me to search for a suitable image consultants training course to get the training and certification that I needed.

I am an Executive Coach for the executives in the corporate world. I was certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an ACC coach. I also mentor young entrepreneurs who are passionate about starting their own businesses. I enjoy coaching them in the areas of taking responsibility of their own life and I want them to enjoy learning as a way to develop their fullest potential. Success should not be limited to business but to all areas of living life. After my advance colour certification training at the Academy of Image Mastery, I felt so energized to integrate my coaching services with my new knowledge and skills in personal colour analysis.


I have from the course into my Colour Workshop and also into 1 on 1 coaching for executives, entrepreneurs and also individuals for personal colour consultancy. I get a lot of benefits from integrating my colour training into my coaching profession.

Life-long education is something I value and I enjoy learning new things in order to grow and to be able to serve others more effectively. When I was choosing where to further my image consultants’ training, I wanted a course with not just the knowledge but strong practical skills application in working with clients. Also, the experience of the trainer in the field of image consulting can make a big difference between two courses with similar topics. Lastly, I believe that mentoring is very important when it comes to mastering knowledge and skills. Christina is such a person – qualified, experienced as a great mentor to me.

Personal colour analysis is not as easy a topic to when it comes to actual client work. I have read widely on this topic and studied this at other courses. However, after my advance personal colouring, it was very satisfying and happy when I got a deeper understanding of my complex colouring which includes warm and cool skintones. With Asian colouring, personal colour analysis can be tricky but now I have much more confidence to work with my colour clients. This Aha moment also made me see many new possibilities for myself and for my business.

I successfully completing my first practice case colour analysis case assignment and, I received useful feedback from AIM. From one-on-one colour analysis, I was able to start conducting colour workshops and donated proceeds to a charitable foundation. I have gained more confidence to conduct personal colour analysis for clients.

The colour course helps me to understand how to select the colours for myself to enhance my complexion as well as to express my personality as an image consultant. AIM course gives me an opportunity to advance my profession as an image consultant and also bring value-added services to my coaching business.

My colour workshop for groups of six was so well received that I was fully booked for six consecutive workshops! Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I had to postponed the last two of these colour workshop. Still, I am very pleased with how well my workshop went and I know that if I continue to practice using the new colour techniques, I will improve steadily and be able to offer a lot more value to my clients.

1. AIM is a leading image consultant Academy in Asia 2. Excellent programme and content standards with overall high quality of content delivery that made my learning much deeper. 3. World-class trainers and mentors who are the masters in the field and super supportive for our success.

“Relax! Let’s dance with Christina! Rest assured that her training will empower your learning.”

My experience learning at AIM was so good that I want to further my professional development in image consulting. I plan to progress into the next level course with ImageAsia Image Essentials when it is available later this year. After this course, I am confident about adding more value to people’s life to help them shine from inside-out with confidence, optimism, and success.

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