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Testimonial from Image Consultant Diya Khurana

Diya Khurana

Image and Etiquette Consultant

“The course has clarified all my colour questions, given me the tools, knowledge and techniques to confidently identify the personal colouring of a client. The quality of training is excellent, and I came home with a feeling of empowerment!!”

When Diya left a corporate career to raise her young children, she invested some of her time to pursue her passion for image consulting. Ten years on, Diya is reaping the benefits of enjoying both her family life and a successful image consulting business in India.

Diya Khurana Image Consulting is an established business with a broad spectrum of clients ranging from kids as young as 5 years old to C-level executives in their 50’s.

Long before certification by ICBI in 2011, Diya was already teaching teenagers and homemakers how to project a positive image. As a NABET certified trainer, she custom-builds workshops for companies on topics such as leadership, soft skills and business etiquette. Diya enjoys repeat business from clients such as Schott Glass, Apollo Tyres, Elmex Controls, Darshanam Real Estate Group and L&T.

Diya enjoys adapting fashion trends to cater to the practical needs of every client’s budget and personal style. Her passion for colour brought her to the Academy of Image Mastery in Singapore to further her colour training so that she could add value to her clients.

Like a nurturing mother, Diya is also passionate about youths in India. In her efforts to mould them into considerate, confident, and capable adults who will thrive in a variety of social situations, she has developed a loyal following among schools. Diya has tutored over 3,000 youngsters on proper table manners and social etiquette. Another feather to her cap is “Kidiquette”, a workshop which targets an underserved market (children age 5 to 15).

When my first child was born 10 years ago, I took a career break.

When I was ready to return to work, I wanted something with a flexible work schedule. I chanced upon image consulting, which I thought had a particularly promising outlook for the future.

I am a freelancer in Image, Wardrobe and Etiquette. I have a diverse list of clients ranging from education institutions, NGO’s, corporates to individuals.

Colours present a message of their own. I have always wanted to add colour analysis into my business portfolio. This led me to search for an image master where I could learn from the best. I came across Christina’s profile, and her body of work speaks for itself. Also, other image consultants highly recommend her training.

I developed a greater understanding of the impact colours can have on others. This course has also equipped me with the tools to help clients discover their best colours.

Analysing colours for clients and helping them to balance their appearance with the right colours. I conducted two workshops – one for women on matching lipstick to their nail colours and the other for men on the art of coordinating tie colours to their suits and shirts. It went so well!

Mingling with course mates of diverse nationalities has broadened my personal horizon. They have taught me so much. The course has also bolstered my confidence as an image consultant.

I am yet to complete 6months, but when we get over COVID-19, I cannot wait to put my new colour skills into practice for my clients and friends who are eagerly waiting.

Personal attention given by Christina Ong makes all the difference. The other 2 reasons are AIM’s outstanding training facilities where staff are warm and friendly.

Make the most out of the 3 days in AIM, which I did. I was rewarded with a different and unforgettable experience.

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