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Testimonial from Image Consultant Elsie Yung Profile

Elsie Yung

Owner of a Personal Development Company

“I learned so much about how the right style and colour can make a massive difference to my appearance! The experience is personally enriching. (b) I am excited to be able to use my new image consulting knowledge and skills to help people.”

It takes wisdom to know when to switch careers. Elsie’s story is about managing the different seasons in life. Her motto to be “Flexible, Humble and Positive” will inspire executives looking to transition a successful corporate job to do something of greater significance.

Elsie has had 25 years of strategic Human Resources professional experience jet setting across Asia, Australia and Europe in various senior management positions with multinational companies.

Gazing out the hotel window on one of her recent business trips, she couldn’t help but feel in her gut that it was time for change. Not being a person to act in haste, she narrowed down potential careers and did her research. She mapped out her future career plans to leverage her wealth of corporate experience while allowing herself to pursue more meaningful interests.

Elsie took the first step to learn about image consulting at the Academy of Image Mastery in Singapore and worked progressively towards making a successful career transition within a year.

Elsie believes in equal gender opportunities in the workplace. However, she observed that females, in particular, often lack self-esteem and tend to work doubly hard to be recognised for equal career opportunities. Through a holistic personal and professional development programme, her vision is to train and coach her clients to increase their career opportunities.

I wanted a change in career. Years ago, I remembered attending an image consulting session which I enjoyed because the subject matter and useful tips I learnt resonated with me. At the peak of my corporate career, it was great to be earning a lot. However, I felt that my work didn’t directly help people who would benefit from soft skills for personal and professional development to manage their careers better. 

I am in transition from a senior corporate role to establish my own personal development company. After I graduated from AIM, I delivered several personal colour consultation workshops in Japan as well as private image consulting sessions there. It was exciting to work with real live clients because I could see how much these skills were needed, and what I shared and taught was appreciated. I am in an exciting new season in my life as a new entrepreneur. 

I have a keen interest to help people enhance their personal branding. I did my research and enquired with several image consulting schools. I want my new business to have a holistic personal and professional development approach. I decided on AIM because the founder Christina has the most extensive experience with corporate clients – both men and women. I am classic in my dressing, and I also felt that I would be more comfortable in an image consulting school that is not focused purely on fashion, styling or grooming. 

There is a unique segment of the course called Transformational Day where I enjoyed the make-over consultations with a team of professional hair, makeup and style specialists. I didn’t think I would say yes, but finally, I took AIM’s hairstyle recommendation and decided to cut short my hair. That was a significant change for my comfort level, but it surprised me that I liked it and I have since received many compliments for my fresh new image. 

Besides the bold change in my hairstyle, and I started wearing more colours and tried on new style recommendations. I learnt what suits me better and within a few months and I am now able to confidently avoid the colours and styles that do not suit me.

(a) I learned so much about how the right style and colour can make a massive difference to my appearance! The experience is personally enriching.

(b) I am excited to be able to use my new image consulting knowledge and skills to help people by witnessing the change, first in myself and now in my clients. I am very motivated to offer more services in my new business. 

I felt sufficiently confident to conduct several personal colour workshops and did a few private image consultations. 

The course is comprehensive and well designed with lots of practice and guidance. After the course, the follow-up support from AIM is excellent, especially when I need advice from Christina.

Noting in particular as I believe this was the right time for me to start a season of change. 

After the course, my initial plans to offer a holistic approach to personal and professional development has become even more apparent. I have gained more confidence to add value to clients I look forward to helping especially female executives who lack the confidence in their career advancement. 

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