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Testimonial from Image Expert Eva Papadakis

Eva Papadakis

Image Consultant and Stylist

“Clothing allows aspects of our personality to shine through, even when we were uncomfortable to express ourselves verbally. It is from this place that I approach my work.”

When you have a passion for fashion, life may take you through several pitstops before you get to create your very own business. Eva’s story will inspire you to “go for it!” It is never too late to turn your passion into a service that you love!

Most of Eva’s professional career was spent working in media and advertising in London and Hong Kong. However, clothing and fashion are at the heart of her passion. As a busy mother in midlife, she wondered if it would be too late to pursue her interest.

Eva’s early years were spent studying technical theatre arts in London where she learnt about sets, costume and lighting design. She enjoyed immersing herself in the visual arts; interning at the costume design department at theatres and at the opera in Athens and Greece.

Eva saw the power of clothing and how it could transform actors into their character. She sat for hours, observing the brilliant workmanship of the seamstresses and saw the endless ability of clothes to take an audience to another world. She grew to appreciate many British designers. Some of Eva’s favourite designers include Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood.

On the recommendation of a trusted friend, Eva decided to embark on an image consulting course with Christina Ong at the Academy of Image Mastery when she moved to live in Singapore. This course turned out to be a significant turning point in her life.

Eva immediately started helping friends to appreciate the power and joy of dressing. She guides them through an artistic process that encourages her clients to know themselves more deeply.

There wasn’t a specific single event. All my life, I loved fashion, clothing and visual arts. I grew up helping my uncle, who is a costume and set designer in Greece. There I saw the power of clothing to transform in theatre and opera. However, since becoming a mother, I have tried to reinvent my career and each time it never materialised. After an especially poignant conversation with a friend, I realised that it was not too late, and I could follow my dreams and build this career during my midlife. I then realised that it is time to follow my heart, and I wasted no time to decide on taking a course at the Academy of Image Mastery. When you are passionate to do something, I believe it is never too late to go for it!

I am currently a stay at home parent. Since having my daughter 8 years ago, I dabbled in teaching yoga and practising holistic aromatherapy. I would love to combine all of this into a whole well-being package or work with others to provide services that inspire well-being for people. Initially, I am just focusing on the styling element and providing services for individuals and small groups.

I was recommended by a friend I trust 100%. She did more than one course at the Academy of Image Mastery and enjoyed every single learning experience there.

Many! The biggest one was realising I didn’t need to be embarrassed about my love of clothing, it wasn’t superfluous. That actually it reality does have the power to transform people at much deeper levels. Christina gave so many great examples and stories of this. I realised how I can bring all my knowledge of yoga, art, design into my work to make it really rich.

I felt so inspired and excited that I practised like crazy on friends and acquaintances, doing colour & bodyline, shopping trips, wardrobe cleanouts. This is by far the most important, practice, practice, practice using the techniques I learnt. I also try and look at fashion now with a more critical eye, using the skills and tools I have been given from the course.

In many ways! It gave me renewed passion again that I can transform my career post kids in midlife! It gave me so much inspiration with my own wardrobe how to play with it, try new thing, which in turn has given me more profound confidence in who I am.

I got down to have my very own company set up and offered to do related charity work. Currently working on my branding and website.

Christina is an incredibly inspiring teacher and really shares from the heart. This course is packed with so much information than I expected; she generously shares her life’s work. Go for it!

Nothing really! It is pretty intense, and doing it while still nursing my third baby and having to pump milk in my break times was very challenging. But I am 100% pleased I did it and didn’t wait. There is never a perfect time!

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