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Testimonial from Image Consultant Htet Yie Win

Htet Yie Win (Stella)

Image Consultant and Trainer

“After completing the course, I now know what I can do and how I can give back to society. It has given me a purposeful new vision and the confidence to start a new career.”

Htet Yie Win is a Founder and director of BRAND YOU, a full service agency, delivering image and personal branding strategies for individual and companies.

Htet Yie got her Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm., Yangon). She attained MBA degree from Yangon Institute of Economics. Following her business career, she gained MBA  (Marketing) from James Cook University Australia.

Htet Yie started working as a sales and marketing professional in Singapore. While working with international clients and partners, she realised that a person’s image is an essential factor to achieve success in a competitive business world.

After working as a regional Sales and Marketing manager for three years, Htet Yie followed her passion in leadership and personal development. She has been trained by and worked with world-class speakers, international trainers and facilitators for almost two years.

Her mission became helping people to achieve their full potential using Image and Branding techniques. Achieved Certified Image Consulting diploma from Academy of Image Mastery (Singapore) and London Image Institute. Professional portfolio includes leading and managing seminars, international events, facilitating and coaching professionals and entrepreneurs.

Teaching has been an integral part of Htet Yie’s life. Her vision is to transform the image of Myanmar, globally. She believes in a hybrid of local and international standards and norms. Today, she lead the trainings of BRAND YOU and inspire people to look better, perform better and build confidence inside and out.

Wanted to make Myanmar people confident inside and out.

The courses are CEU approved by AICI and this helps me work towards AICI certification as a professional image consultant.

Knowing the right colours and knowing what I can do after the course.

Benefits as a person: knowing what I can do and how to give back to society. Complete knowledge and know-how of image training. Confidence in starting a new career. 

As a professional: Step-by-step teaching and coaching gave me high standards of quality and professionalism. I learnt so much from the trainers about doing what you love and playing hard.

Personal consultation for friends, public seminar on professional dressing, corporate training on communication.

Start Myanmar’s first Image Training company, Brand You. ( Four public seminars. Corporate trainings. Weekly and monthly radio talks regarding image awareness for young professionals.

Complete insights and curriculum about starting an image consulting career.

Internationally accepted and approved.

Trainers give their 100% for participants to grow.

Be clear on what you want. Don’t be afraid to ask. Dream big. Play full out whatever it takes.

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