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Testimonial from Image Consultant Jade Lim

Jade Lim

Senior Corporate Trainer and Coach

“I have never experienced such a well-structured and eye-opening image content training. The course provided a good blend of scientific and intuitive learning. AIM role models the gold standard of our industry and they pay attention to details. I felt that this was the best learning experience for students. I now want my clients to experience excellent service and results from my work with them.”

Some people cave-in to limitations in life while others will rise to overcome the odds.

Beyond Image is the brainchild of Jade Lim’s triumph over personal limitations. As a holistic image consultant coach and trainer, Jade’s compelling mission is to help clients live more confident, productive and happier lives.

Jade grew up with low self-esteem as she struggled with language and cultural barriers. In her teen years, she volunteered at a Youth Camp in America, where the three months felt like an eternity. Jade persevered, and on returning home, she was determined to live her life as a confident person with a genuine interest in people. The courage to go beyond her limitations and develop leadership gravitas makes Jade an inspirational role model for others.

Language became her strength. Armed with her bi-lingual ability; Jade landed her first job as a media news journalist with value-added Chinese translation skills! Despite enjoying the buzz of journalism, Jade knew that her dream career is to work with people and unleash human potential.

Through her journey, Jade has developed qualities that clients most valued in her – empathy, emotional intelligence and social perceptivity. Her down-to-earth practicality and natural ability to create rapport draw people from all walks of life. Jade values trust and builds long-term client relationships.

Beyond Image is best known for Jade’s proven system to enhance personal transformation and career performance through a person’s appearance, attitudes and actions. Her clients include United Overseas Bank, Watsons Malaysia, Yong Living and Coway. Jade’s training and coaching services focus on three key pillars: Image Branding, Service Excellence and Team Performance.

Jade practices what she preaches by investing in continuous education throughout her eleven years at Beyond Image. Her professional competencies include – NLP, DISC, Personal Efficiency and Motivation Factor, Beauty Therapy and Image Consulting, where she specialises in Colour Analysis.

I grew up in a traditional Chinese family and felt low self-esteem because I wasn’t able to converse well in English. In my family, we all speak Hakka. The only time I spoke English with my siblings was when we didn’t want our mom to understand what we said. Upon graduation, I became a Journalist for the Chinese Newspaper division at Nanyang Siang Pau in K.L., Malaysia. 

I then decided to head to the U.S. to join YMCA’s program as an International Camp Counsellor. Being the only Asian who wasn’t able to converse well in English, I struggled with cultural and language barriers. I felt withdrawn and submissive. I remember hiding under my blanket and crying at night during my entire first month. The three months felt like three years. However, I overcame the challenges. Upon my returned home, I was fired up with a burning desire to improve my ability to communicate in English. I disliked feeling small, and I desperately wanted to become a confident person. I went so far as also to develop my leadership skills. 

I then joined Amway Malaysia as it’s Chinese Translator and sought to improve myself by attending Toastmasters. I am a lifelong learner and took up a Certification in Beauty Therapy course. In my heart, I wanted a change in my career, but I didn’t know what to pursue. One day, I attended an image talk. “Wow”, that was exciting and interesting. I felt that helping people to raise confidence is meaningful. That was the beginning of a new journey for my career as an image consultant. Serendipitously, I was allowed to transfer to the Beauty Department in Amway, Malaysia! As their newly appointed Beauty Trainer, I designed and managed training programmes for Skin Care, Makeup and Beauty Retailing not only for Malaysia but also for Brunei and Singapore. Soon after, I was promoted to manage a pool of Trainers and oversee the quality of training. Expanding my skills from beauty into Image consulting was a natural transition, and the rest is history!

In my first five years as an image consultant, I focused my training services on professional grooming training and coaching. As I found so much passion for helping people transform from inside out, I pursued different Professional Certifications, from Beauty to Image, DISC, NLP, Personal Efficiency and Motivation Factor progressively. When participants told me how much my work helped them to elevate their self-esteem, the fulfilment I felt confirmed my calling in life. Clients also shared that they gained tremendous insights about their strengths and that my sessions fuelled their hopes and equipped them with skills that they were able to put into practice in their job and life. I knew I had something unique to offer as a holistic image consultant. Wow, that motivated me to keep developing myself professionally. Staying in touch with clients and witnessing their breakthroughs in terms of career advancements has given me so much happiness that words cannot describe. 

Beyond Image is a company that goes beyond conventional image consulting services which typically include Professional Image and Etiquette. I have expanded into three key pillars of training and coaching services: Image Branding, Service Excellence and Team Performance.       

I am someone who pursues mastery. I had studied colour courses from three personal colour analysis experts before I attended the colour certification course at AIM. I felt that my learning was incomplete, and I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the colour services that I was previously offering to my clients. I decided to further my colour training at AIM primarily because of Christina’s reputation of trust in the market as an industry leader.

I am very impressed with the depth of content, well-structured training as well as the excellence in every aspect of a student’s experiences at AIM. 

It was setting the Gold standard to create the best experience for students. From the time I stepped into AIM’s premises to the quality of materials, the structure of course content and the warm service including the graduation celebrations, I felt that my learning experience was exceptional and memorable. I loved it! Special mention about the content. I have never experienced learning image content through such a well-structured training that had a right blend of scientific and intuitive learning. 

During the class, I felt as if a little voice was whispered to me – “follow this role model and set AIM as the benchmark for the services I provide to my clients.” AIM’s course has raised my standards of excellence, and it has opened new ways of seeing my business potential. 

1. Transitioning to adopt the ColourSmart system immediately for my client consultations and corporate training.

2. Feeling proud to be using and posting social media updates about my progress with ColourSmart.

3. Demonstrating fellow associates on how practical and straightforward the ColourSmart system as well as explaining colour concepts in ways that made a lot of sense.

A: Commitment to Excellence. I am inspired to set the gold benchmark in the industry.

B: Be quick, concise and precise in colour analysis and recommendations for dressing with colour

My corporate training now incorporates a much more effective colour demonstration that is time efficient and easy to see and understand for my participants.

Industry gold standard.

Attention to details.

Christina is an inspiring role model leader.

I should have met AIM 11 years ago, and my journey to succeed would have shortened.

To zoom into high-value coaching to unleash the potential for senior executives and managers and have them become much better team leaders promoting brand culture in their organisation. I’m also working on offering more executive coaching services. 

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