Project Description

“Personally, I am more confident in my choice of colours and style, while professionally, I am more confident of my suggestions to my clients from proven theories learnt during the course. I would recommend the course for its excellent learning atmosphere, highly knowledgeable trainers and convenient location in Asia.”

Jason Baumann

Managing Director of beU Models in Vietnam

As a managing director of a very successful and well-known model agency, I have more than six years of experience in the fashion industry and as a result, am attuned to the latest runway trends, popular branding and also styles that reflect an individual’s personality.

I am also deeply involved in behaviour, etiquette and personal management training. These training courses have all been created by me and are often customised to suit the individual.

I have joined partnership in a fresh new Image Consultancy business, which will open early in 2017 and will be the first of its kind in my region.

So, as a refresher and update, I completed AIM’s Image Essentials for the second time in September 2016.

The use of a client’s colours could either brighten their face or make them look sallow, and this in turn affects personal moods. Dress the individual and not just follow the latest trends.

Personally, I am more confident in my choice of colours and style. As a professional, I can more confident of my suggestions to clients from proven theories learnt during the course.

  • Started to visually analyse staff members, even strangers on the street (a wonderful way to practise anywhere and anytime).
  • Invited a friend in for a full image consultation (partly for practice, mostly to help him build his image for his business).
  • Cleaned out my wardrobe (I needed the fresh start following what I had learnt).

Registering a company name, travelling to AICI seminars and meeting with other consultants.

Excellent learning atmosphere

Highly knowledgeable trainer and a good team

Convenient location in Asia

I walked in the door with a clean slate and had little knowledge of the theories/practicalities of Image consulting.

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