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Testimonial from Image Consultant Julie Murrell

Julie Murrell

English teacher

Julie Murrell is the founder and primary consultant for Julie Murrell Image Consulting. This image consultancy was established with the vision of teaching clients how to communicate their strengths through their appearance, behaviour and communication as a means of instilling self-confidence to achieve their goals. Julie equips individuals with necessary skills to achieve their full potential in both personal and professional endeavours. Julie maintains that people must effectively communicate their true self through image in order to live a life of purpose and opportunity!

With her own passion for adventure, travel and cultures, Julie has spent the past three years working abroad as a foreign expert, currently specializing in the Chinese market. She trains and coaches young adults and working professionals in visual, verbal and nonverbal communication and other essential skills to increase their international opportunities. She has worked successfully as an educator with college graduates, students and business men and women from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds. Her enthusiasm for interacting and connecting with people is what makes her such a captivating and motivating speaker and coach.

Julie brings international experience to her work in diversity, intercultural sensitivity and international etiquette training. Fluent in French with a bilingual diploma, she has worked and lived in several countries around the globe including Canada, United States, France and China, learning local customs and business etiquette to help her clients navigate the minefields of the personal and business worlds when they are travelling and working abroad.

Julie is certified in advanced image consulting and professional development through ImageAsia, an East-West collaborative between the Academy of Image Mastery and the London Image Institute. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Psychology and a teaching certificate from TEFL Worldwide in Prague.

From the moment I discovered image consulting as a profession, I knew it was the career path I was meant to follow.

I did a lot of research into different image consulting programmes, but after speaking with Lynne and Christina, I felt that they were extremely passionate about what they do and are committed to the success of the students. I chose AIM because I wanted to be investing in mentors as well as education and Lynne and Christina embody the type of mentors that I was looking for as well as the type of image consultants I aspire to be.

On the first day during the ice breaker activity, I got an amazing feeling that I was amongst like-minded people. I was surrounded by other ambitious, entrepreneurial and compassionate people who wanted to learn skills to help other people feel good about themselves.

It’s my passion and I feel that I am applying myself to a purpose that I believe in and am making my contribution to the world. The course was the first step in an amazing process of self transformation. In developing my brand over the past few months, I had to spend a lot of time reflecting on myself, my values, beliefs, goals and where I see my life’s path going. The AIM course ignited a passion within me that has made me think beyond myself and has made me extremely motivated to work for what I believe in and excited for where my adventure will lead. As a professional, the course equipped me with the skills and basic knowledge to begin a business delivering personal services. The AIM course was a first step in my professional development as I have learned so much over the past few months about the importance of a well-developed brand, marketing and positive relationships in business.

I began practising colour and bodyline consultations on friends because I felt I needed to develop my eye as well as solidify the technical information in my mind so I wouldn’t forget everything I had just learned. I also began contacting organisations to find places where I could offer workshops on image-related topics to get practice presenting as I plan to do corporate training. I also went home and went through my entire wardrobe to get rid of or alter anything that didn’t represent me as an image consultant. I think it helped me feel more confident to give other people advice when I knew I was walking the talk.

It’s been eight months since I completed the AIM course, and I have had enough practice clients that I feel confident in my ability to give an accurate colour and bodyline analysis. I’ve developed a consultation process to offer my clients along with pricing. I’ve developed a strong brand that I feel represents who I am and that will resonate with my target market. I have a website and material to promote my business including business cards with my logo, business email, Facebook page and Instagram account. I will be publishing a blog in the next two weeks to help me gain exposure. I’ve also done about ten workshops with young girls and young professionals on image-related topics.

The trainers are passionate, inspiring and extremely supportive.

The material is extremely thorough. You learn more than just basic colour and bodyline analysis.

The hands-on, concrete learning.

Allow yourself the time to learn. There is a lot of informatin given to you in a short amount of time. It’s what you do with the information after the course that matters, but it’s a learning process that involves application and takes practice and time. Be patient with yourself and keep working at it.

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