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Testimonial from Image Consultant Karl Yee Kar Ming 2

Karl, Yee Kar Ming

Image Consultant and Owner of Connoisseur Bespoke Tailoring

“If I had started this training much earlier, I would have reaped the benefits faster. But hindsight is always 20/20. I am glad the course made me realise the need to scale up my bespoke business. Christina’s been a great coach with my business ideas even after the course.”

Karl is arguably one of Malaysia’s most innovative image consultants. Read this compelling story of how a soft-spoken gentleman with ten years of bespoke tailoring experience, added image consulting to reposition himself and his business to a whole new level. Today, Karl is reaping new business opportunities as he enjoys helping more clients dress for success.

A Certified Image Consultant, Karl is the owner and founder of Connoisseur Bespoke Tailoring. His exquisite workmanship is admired by his customers, many of whom have come back time and time again.

Karl helps clients distinguish themselves from their peers by curating their personal image and identify. Image, according to Karl, is an integral part of every professional’s success story. As the only male Certified Image Consultant in bespoke tailoring in Malaysia, he participates in many activities organised by AICI Malaysia Chapter. He also has the distinct privilege of having delivered keynotes on corporate image across the country. Working with MNCs and SMEs, Karl teaches participants how to become more effective by infusing personal branding into their corporate cultures.

Karl is passionate about how personal style can inspire career-minded professionals to become indispensable, influential and incredibly happy at work. He believes in the power of first impression, whether in a business or interpersonal setting. At the same time, it is more crucial now than ever to have sound credentials and skills, projecting an image of poise and confidence can help clients increase the number of open doors in business and life.

Karl completed AIM’s 12-day ImageAsia® programme in 2017. Artistic and soft-spoken, Karl is on a mission to help businesses benefit by developing a culture of customer excellence.

As a specialist in bespoke tailoring, I go the extra mile to advise my clients on personal and professional image. Not only will this result in a happy customer, but it can also go a long way in terms of keeping myself on their radar for future business. It is my pride and joy to witness how much sharper and more confident my clients look when they are wearing perfectly fitted clothes.

I do one-on-one consultation for clients who want to tailor a suit. With my formal training in image management, I expect to garner more business. Now I am offering corporate image training to my private clients at their companies.

Countless friends and colleagues suggested that I look for AIM – a “world-class” academy. I am indebted to them. It reminds me of the incredible people in my life, and the amazing talent exists in the world.

The trainers were elegant, polished, and the content is comprehensive and organised. They have collectively raised my confidence level to new heights. One of my key takeaways from the course was about gaining control over our projected confidence which could transform the way we think about ourselves and the way people think about us.

I revisited and updated my wardrobe. Next, I shared my training experiences with colleague and friends and conducted a talk on “Dressing the Men”.

There is no denying that confidence is a crucial component to success in life. The course has not only given me a competitive advantage in my business, but it has also boosted my self-confidence and self-worth immensely.

When I returned to Malaysia, I conducted several talks on Appearance. There is a distinct correlation between Appearance and self-esteem. The more satisfied you are with your image, the higher your self-esteem is likely to be. I also collaborated with image consultants on corporate training on menswear. 

The course was well run with a well-thought-out structure. I was able to build rapport rapidly with the staff. AIM faculty members are ever ready to coach and mentor me. Christina is unforgettable. Her message is powerful, and her energy contagious. Her effect on me has been tremendous. She has provided me with the expertise and insight I need to take that next step in both my professional and personal life.

If I had started this training much earlier, I would have reaped the benefits faster. But hindsight is always 20/20. I am glad the course made me realise the need to scale up my bespoke business. Even after the course, Christina was a great coach with my business ideas. To encourage more people to buy Connoisseur’s brand, I also offer image training. In this way, I can bring to our customers a seamless shopping experience for a complete professional look. 

My ambition is to become Malaysia’s best male image consultant. I welcome the opportunity to share my passion and expertise with people in your company. I am confident you will agree with me that business truly is a human endeavour.

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