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Testimonial from Image Consultant Miselle in white shirt

Miselle Bergonia

Image Consultant and Owner/Entrepreneur

“The course is tailored for the Asian setting and it provides the knowledge and competencies you need to start your career as an image consultant. The trainers are always willing to help and they are very generous with their wisdom and advice. “

Miselle received her training and certification from the Foundation Image course with the Academy of Image Mastery, Singapore and her Advanced Image Mastery course from the London Image Institute. As a certified image consultant she has achieved the international First Level Certification by the Association of Image Consultants International.

With a background in the luxury hotel industry as a Sales Manager and managing a family corporation, Miselle aims to incorporate the grace and corporate image and behaviour of the hotel industry with the concepts of image enhancement, personality development and business etiquette.

Her unique background in the corporate arena, gives her sessions a practical and current approach to image enhancement and business etiquette. This is a trait that her clients’ prefer to have in selecting a training provider or speaker and which keep her individual makeover consults and training sessions authentic, lively and inspiring.

Training and Certification:

Masters in Business Administration, Ateneo Graduate School of Business

First Level Certification, Association of Image Consultants International (2008)

Certified Image Consultant, Academy of Image Mastery & London Image Institute (2008)

Stylist, Body Beautiful (2008)

Professional Make-Up Artist, Make-Up Design Academy


Member, Association of Image Consultants International

Member, People Management Association of the Philippines

Member, Philippine Society for Training and Development

How can I create a bigger impact for others with the kind of work I will do? Then I found that image consulting can touch lives further than I have imagined.

There was a science and art to image consulting.

a) I found my passion and my fuel to fulfil my purpose.  To create an impact and to help others be better.

b) As a professional, it provided a competitive advantage.

Started my own company with no capital. I practised colour analysis on my mum and aunt, and delivered an image programme for a group of pre-school teachers!

It is tailored for the Asian market

The people behind it are always willing to help and are generous with advice and sharing their wisdom

It provides all knowledge and competencies for a beginner or even experienced consultant

Come with an open mind and open heart to learning.  Be excited every day!

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