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Testimonial from Image Corporate Trainer Sherrin Lim profile

Sherrin Lim

Image Consultant and Stylist

For more than a decade, Sherrin’s first profession as a cabin crew with Singapore Airlines elevated her cultural awareness and developed poise, confidence, grace, and sophistication. She has a knack for adapting to new people, new places, and new situations. Not surprisingly, she was handpicked to represent “Singapore Girl” in SIA events during her flying years.

Her next job brought her to Shanghai, China’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, where she developed a close partnership with the Shanghai Expatriate Association, a non-profit organisation. This role led to becoming a marketing and events specialist within the thriving expatriate community. Despite a brief stint in Shanghai, Sherrin expanded her network of international contacts.

Sherrin earned her Bachelor of Science degree in marketing in 2009 and obtained national certification in training design, facilitation, and assessment skills. Her additional credentials include certifications from the Academy of Image Mastery and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching – all of which have developed professional training and consulting skills.

Sherrin’s foray into image consulting is a natural progression from her versatility and varied backgrounds. Thankfully, setting up her venture did not require massive investment in a brick-and-mortar space. When deciding on image consultant’s certification courses, Sherrin wanted to “learn for the best and achieve first-class results. AIM was her choice because of credentials and industry reputation.”

Sherrin’s corporate clients grew progressively, and she is known to be an energetic, charismatic, and engaging facilitator who can think on her feet and anticipate issues. Indeed, her facilitation skills have inspired many professionals in both public and private sectors to bolster their brand values.

As Vice-President of Events at the Association of Image Consultants International (Singapore Chapter), Sherrin stays abreast of leadership and personal branding trends.

Someone once asked me if I am an image consultant. That set me thinking.

My role as an image consultant involves facilitating and designing training programs for clients. I help them identify their skills and learning gaps and suggest ways to bridge them to bolster their corporate image and generate higher value to their organisation.

I’ve heard many good things about Christina. Her reputation truly precedes her in the image consulting industry. I wanted to learn from the best and achieve first-class results.

There were so many. Understanding how colours work, body proportions and especially how dressings can create different illusions for the body! Christina inspires, and she empowers people to feel confident about their potential. 

Now that I have developed an eye for details, I look at every piece of my clothing differently. I’ve also started to offer free consultations (practice for me)! And I was eager to help transform those around me.

I can now tell you what colours truly flatter me. I’m also able to work on some of my favourite pieces of clothing to bring out the best in me. Professionally, it has equipped me with the right techniques and provided me with a structure in reaching out to clients during consultations.

Increased my competency as a corporate trainer and equipped myself with a more significant repertoire of skillsets to carry out my work.

Christina is unique. It won’t be easy to find another trainer like her. 

Her lessons will leave you informed and inspired.

I shouldn’t have hesitated for too long when I first heard about the Academy of Image Mastery.

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