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Testimonial from Image Expert and Business Owner Victoria full

Victoria Aramburu

Image Consultant and Stylist

Born and raised in Peru, Victoria has traveled, lived, and worked in senior management positions across four continents. Her story speaks of an active life, building her family and her career until she made a choice that significantly changed her life, doing what she loves!

Narrated in her own words – “My name is Victoria Aramburu. I was born and raised in Peru, and for the past two decades, I’ve been on the move through Europe, Africa, and Asia, building my life, my family, and my career.

After many years of working in a senior management position in the corporate sector, I wanted a change and decided to retrain as a personal stylist. In 2017, I completed my certified image consultants training at the Academy of Image Mastery in Singapore and feel so lucky. Now, I am doing what I love, and it does not even feel like work to me.

I remember the first time I saw a woman looking so pretty; while I was dressed without taste and looking somewhat like a man. This thought set me thinking about style and how it can change the way women, and men, feel.

Currently, a Personal Stylist and Fashion Consultant and loving it!

I was referred by an image consulting friend, Cybelle Rebutica. She was trained at the Academy of Image Mastery and highly recommended the course she attended, saying it was an excellent learning experience.

I got tons of technical information. The concepts taught are very logical yet artistic at the same time, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my learning. During the colour theory topic, I got to understand how colours are constituted and how we can combine them nicely. It was fascinating!

I was very excited to and immediately started to work, for free initially, as an image consultant for 10 of my friends. There were more than three things I did for my friends, and this got them very excited about their colours and style!

I got tons of technical information, so much inspiration as a woman and ideas as a new business owner.

I launched my new image consulting business, worked on my branding and created a website to market my services. I am already working full-time as a stylist. A popular magazine in Myanmar interviewed me, and I also participated in different fashion shows as a professional stylist. I am enjoying my new career, and it does not feel like work at all.

The course provides strong technical knowledge delivered by an excellent teacher and best price for the quality in everything they offer. Everyone at AIM is very helpful and supportive.

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